From the 5DP – April 2019

#1 5DP Educator Showcase – Speakers!

We are very pleased to announce the speakers for this spring’s 5DP Educator Showcase. We met with the group last week, and it promises to be a fantastic night.

  • Demetrius Fuller, Chelsea
    Thinking Moves: Shared Habits of Mind Across Disciplines
  • Stacy Kaczmarek, Chelsea
    Increasing Engagement, Autonomy & Enjoyment through Student-led Book Clubs
  • Bethanne Goldman and Andrew Turchon, Revere
    Thinking Outside the Classroom: Urban Youth and Education Outdoors
  • Allison Casper, Revere
    The Idea of a High School Writing Center
  • Alyssa Daigneault, Winthrop
    Integrated STEAM Education Creates Lifelong Learners

I would like to thank everyone who applied. It was very competitive and a hard decision to make.

Mark your calendars for May 30th from 4:45-7:00 and RSVP for the event!
Sign up at


#2 5DP Searching for Posters!

One of my favorite parts of the Educator Showcase is the poster session. I love this informal time before the program to have a snack and wander through the posters. Last year I was so inspired by your projects. This is your chance to share the great work you are doing in your schools and districts. Here are some poster ideas to get you started.
Posters can:

  • Highlight a program or activity (academic or not) like a “brag board”
  • Recognize educator accomplishments through a “shout out” board
  • Share a problem the school is working to solve that’s important to students, parents, and/or educators
  • Demonstrate how the school is doing or using something in a creative, out-of-the-box way (recess, technology, partnering with an organization in the community, etc.

The sign up for a poster is

This helps us plan the space and organize the boards. We will provide poster boards to those who need them.


#3-Free Resources for Teachers

I have recently been exposed to Everfi and I think it is a useful and free resource. See what you think.

EVERFI empowers educators to bring real-world learning into the classroom and equip students with the skills they need for success – now and in the future. Thanks to partners who share this mission, EVERFI’s online resources are available at no cost to K-12 schools.

EVERFI’s interactive, co-curricular web-based lessons are organized into “courses” and support building a 21st Century blended classroom. Game-based and scenario-based learning allows students to apply new knowledge and skills to their own lives. Explore our resources:

The Office of Digital Learning at DESE recommends EVERFI resources on their website.

All resources are aligned to national and state standards, and are ready to integrate into classroom units, enrichment/intervention time, and/or advisory.

Contact Jessica Donovan, Director of K-12 Programs, to gather more information and bring resources to your district:


#4 Opportunities for Teachers

Two offerings from our friends at The Teacher Collaborative

Educator Exchange, Big Ideas “Check it at the Door: Confronting Bias and Privilege in Our Schools”

Date: Thursday, April 11
Location: The Guild Works, 260 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02121
Description: Join the discussion about how to confront bias and privilege in schools.  We will have educators from various schools and organizations sharing their work about breaking down the barriers that are created by bias and privilege.The conversation will also provide teachers with strategies to identify and unpack their own biases and privilege as well as ways to discuss this topic with colleagues and students.

RSVP Link:


Educator Exchange, Dinner Edition: How do you foster productive classroom discussion?

Date: Wednesday, April 17
Location: The Blarney Stone,1505 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02122
Description: Do you want to have more fruitful conversations in your classroom? Would you like to learn more about becoming a stronger facilitator of the learning that is taking place? Classroom discourse is an essential and critical element of the teaching and learning experience.  Join the discussion and share your experience about developing strong discourse in the classroom.

RSVP Link:


#5 Save the Date

5DP Educator Showcase

May 30th from 4:45-7:00
Winthrop Middle-High School

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