From the 5DP – May 2019

#1 Show off your School or District!

We are continuing to look for poster presenters from the Educator Showcase. Don’t miss this chance to show off your school, district or program. Here are some poster ideas to get you started.

Posters can:

  • Highlight a program or activity (academic or not) like a “brag board”
  • Recognize educator accomplishments through a “shout out” board
  • Share a problem the school is working to solve that’s important to students, parents, and/or educators
  • Demonstrate how the school is doing or using something in a creative, out-of-the-box way (recess, technology, partnering with an organization in the community, etc.

The sign up for a poster is
This helps us plan the space and organize the boards. We will provide poster boards to those who need them.


#2 RSVP for the Educator Showcase

The 5DP Educator Showcase is THE event of the 5DP spring season. Do not miss your opportunity to kick back, enjoy some food, and be inspired by 5DP teachers.

The 5DP Educator Showcase is May 30th from 4:45-7:00  at Winthrop High School.
RSVP for the event TODAY! Sign up at

This year’s featured speakers are:

  • Demetrius Fuller, Chelsea
    Thinking Moves: Shared Habits of Mind Across Disciplines
  • Stacy Kaczmarek, Chelsea
    Increasing Engagement, Autonomy & Enjoyment through Student-led Book Clubs
  • Bethanne Goldman and Andrew Turchon, Revere
    Thinking Outside the Classroom: Urban Youth and Education Outdoors
  • Allison Casper, Revere
    The Idea of a High School Writing Center
  • Alyssa Daigneault, Winthrop
    Integrated STEAM Education Creates Lifelong Learners


#3-DESE is looking for you!

DESE keeps a file of distinguished teachers and principals who we might consider for membership on advisory boards and task forces and as candidates for special recognition programs. We are fortunate to have a rich base of veteran educators represented in our current talent pool, but we would like to add representation from educators who have at least five years’ experience but are at the earlier end of their career. If you know someone who fits that description, please provide CONFIDENTIAL and specific information about them on this formWe ask that you keep this recommendation confidential and do not share it with the individual or collaborate with a colleague to complete it. Please submit the form by June 14.


#4 Opportunities for Teachers

The Teacher Collaborative will be hosting the final Educator Exchange of the school year on Thursday, May 16th from 5-7:30pm at the Shah Family Foundation.  The topic of this Educator Exchange is Teacher Appreciation and Celebration! We want to celebrate teachers and the joys of the teaching profession; this includes both the genius and fail moments! This celebration also comes with a celebratory toast! You don’t want to miss it!

Here is the link to RSVP:


#5 Save the Date

5DP Educator Showcase
May 30th from 4:45-7:00
Winthrop Middle-High School


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