How can I be involved?

The aim of the partnership is to have educators at all levels in all five districts working together; too much of the work we do is done in isolation. Contact the partnership to find out how you can get connected with others in the same subject areas or grade levels. Take advantage of the opportunities for professional development. If you’re a teacher, ask about joining one of the teacher teams. If you’re a school leader, ask how you can participate in steering committee activities. For more information, contact Cove Davis at cdavis@chelseama.gov.

I have an idea for the partnership. Who do I talk to?

The greatest benefits of the partnership are connecting educators, fostering innovative ideas and opportunities, and sharing promising approaches with others. Contact the executive administrator, Cove Davis at cdavis@chelseama.gov, to discuss any ideas to improve collaboration.

If you have questions about whether you can use 5DP materials, or you would like to use these materials for commercial purposes, please write a request to Cove Davis or call us at 617-466-5113.

Where do I find resources for my classroom?

Yearlong plans, curricular resources, and UbD units are posted on the server. If you need the name and password for access, contact the 5DP or ask another teacher or administrator at your school. Additional links and resources can be found on our Resources page.

How will my instruction change?

As common yearlong plans (YLPs) are created and agreed upon by the districts, teachers will be asked to follow the general order that standards are suggested to be taught. For example, if third-grade fractions are taught in November-December according to the YLP, all districts will adhere to that. YLPs for Math, ELA and Science for grades K-8 are on the 5DP server and Mastery Connect. Following the YLPs is essential starting in 2016-17 since the three common assessments over the course of the year will test standards as taught in each block or quarter.

What are the common assessments?

Teams across the districts create common benchmark assessments that are administered three times annually. These benchmarks allow teachers to track their students’ progress on standards, school leaders to visualize their students and classrooms, and district leaders to get a pulse at the student, classroom, school, district, and partnership levels. Our assessments use the commonly-developed YLPs as blueprints. During and after development, they go through multiple rounds of vetting for face and content validity as well as post-assessment analyses for reliability and predictive, concurrent, convergent, and discriminant validity. With each iteration, our goal is to produce assessments with increasing quality and, importantly, usefulness for those in our districts. If you have any questions about our common assessments, please email our Assessment and Data Administrator, Aubree Webb, at awebb@revere.mec.edu.